The Zoos of Austria                    

Update in 2018 with new infos from the season.
This update supplements our guidebook Abenteuer Zoo.
We received more than 250 forms with new data on animal stock, entrance fees and opening times, and updated all datebases accordingly. Never before we had so much information on so many parks!

The zoo map shows all zoos, sorted by category or otherwise selected. As soon as you choose from the menue on the right, the map will be drawn. Or click on the small map to get a map with all zoos at once.

The big zoos and wildlife parks:

Tiergarten Schönbrunn Wien
Tiergarten Hellbrunn Salzburg
Alpenzoo Innsbruck
Zoo Schmiding
Tierpark Herberstein
Tierpark Linz
Tierpark Stadt Haag
Raritätenzoo Ebbs

German Version

This database was originally created in German language. You might want to have a look at the German version as well, where you might find additional information including zoo descriptions.


Links to aerial views           

Austrian zoos can be seen from above at Google Maps in high resolution and 3D, for example Tiergarten Schönbrunn and Haus des Meeres in Vienna.
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