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You don't have to complete the whole form. But please give at least location and name of the park referred to. For "new" collections, please try to provide as much information as possible. We only can publish parks with almost complete information. Please mark questionable information with a question mark. You may also provide remarks (in brackets).
Please don't tell us about 'open farms', deer and ostrich farms for meat production etc. that are not primarily public animal collections. They don't fit into our database and will not be published.

Information about the collection
Basic data
Name of the collection*    
Remarks - for notes to the editors

(Multiple choice possible, e.g. if a zoo has also an aquarium, a wildlife park has a bird-of-prey show etc. The definitions in brackets are only clues.
Zoo (more than 100 species, "exotic" animals)
Wildlife park ('Tierpark', medium-sized zoo with "exotic" animals)
Native Wildlife Park ('Wildpark', mostly native animals)
Bird Park
Farm Park (domestic animals)
Petting zoo (small park with domestic animals)
Deer enclosure (less than 5 game species)
Animal enclosure (few species)
Reptile Park
Vivarium (small animals)
Bird-of-Prey center (free-flying birds-of-prey)
Safari Park (drive-through)
Theme Park (rides, many non-animal attractions)
Butterfly Park
Special Park (if nothing else fits...)
Street / No.
Postcode / ZIP, municipality ZIP  City
Prefix number /area code
Phone no.
Fax (including prefix, if different from phone)
URL (website)
official site inofficial or private site
Person in charge 1 (name, position)
director or owner
Person 2 (name, position)
Person 3 (name, position)
Size of the park  ( estimated)
(in hectare = 10.000 sqm = 2.5 acre, or sqm for buildings)
Animal collection  ( estimated) animals in species/breeds
Visitor numbers  ( estimated) (in the year: )
(e. g. private, trust, communal, ...)
Number of keepers (or: all staff)
Year of opening:

Attractions and services - only catchwords, please

for children
(e. g. playground, riding, bumper cars, ...)
Animal petting
(e. g. petting zoo, children's zoo, ...)
Feeding animals
(e. g. not allowed / with sold food, automats, ...)
Eat & drink
(from restaurant and kiosk to picnic site)
Handicapped & babies (e. g. steep paths,
special facilities, baby changing rooms)
Shop & publications (shop; guidebooks and
other printed material)
Guided tours
(fixed dates, on appointment, poss. price)
Dogs (e. g.: not allowed / on a leash;
poss. prices or services)
Attractions (non-animal, like gardens, train,
nature trail, lookout tower)
Animal talks & shows (feeding talks, animal shows, free-flying bird shows, ...; with times)
Events during the year
(festivals, exhibitions, lectures, ...)
Special hints (e. g. nearby attractions,
´adopt an animal´ schemes, ...)
Entrance fees: adults (x.xx €)
Entrance fees: children (x.xx €) €, von (x-x Jahre)
Concessions / reduced admission fees (e. g. for senior citizens, handicapped; groups, annual passes)
Other notes on entrance fees
(e. g. reduced in winter, family days, special fees)
Opening hours: summer
Opening hours: winter
Opening hours
(further notes / restrictions)
How to get there: by car
(from nearest motorway exit; signposted? parking?)
How to get there: by public transport
(from nearest railway station)
Book recommendation
(titel, author, ISBN)

Text suggestion
for a short description of the zoo

All texts at zoo-infos.de are written independently by our editors. Thus, catchwords are sufficient here.
Please give details on the animal collection (rare species, breeding success), on conservation efforts, special features and on the history of the park.

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